Marquise is the first french city to be whole reserved for classic cars and retro exhibitions once every two years, the last week of July !
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Site under construction

Our smalls hands works hard to offer you the best for the next Rétro Festival !





For the pedestrians Retrofestival-goers :

The Rétro Festival is Free for you ! You don’t need pass or inscription. You juste have to wear your most beautiful vintage dress and come with your good mood ! It’s the only condition ! Great isn’t it ? 


For the Retrofestival-goers with wintage car :

By vintage car, bicycle, mortorcycle, bus or truck the Rétro Festival de la Côte d’Opale is free for you and your passenger(s) ! An accréditation will be reserved for you (numbered car plate) !


For the Retrofestival-goers with classic car and classic caravan/tent

The Rétro Festival de la Côte d’Opale is free ! You can stay for free in our peacefull campsite reserved for classic campers ! An accreditation will be reserved for you (numbered car plate). Finaly,  Retro festival morning tradition, the Retrofestival team will provide you french breakfast as a good way to get to know each other  !


How to enjoy this ?

– Valid your inscription before the 15/07/2018 on site (free)
– Come with your classic car
– Come on 60’s dress  ( Any questions ? Follow the guide du Rétro )
– Be cool and ready to have a good time at the Rétro Festival !